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Are you looking for background images for your website or blog? Are you a 3D Artist looking for quality textures? Do you need a good texture to spice up a brochure or project? Free Stock Photos and Textures are what we offer here at Check out all the categories of textures and patterns we have at Free Photo Textures, including grunge backgrounds, metal textures, wood grain textures and more.

I'm always looking at the world around me. There are textures everywhere. Brick, grunge on the concrete pavement, funny t-shirts textures, bowling balls and glass textures in old windows, plaster breaking off of a wall. This gives me an abundance of material from which I can create high-resolution texture photographs for you, and provide them completely free of charge here. Our textures work very well as web site backgrounds, as you can see right here on our own site. And they are high enough resolution to use in print projects like brochures and magazines, and 3D modelling as well. Browse all of our many texture photo categories above, and come back often, as I'll be adding new free stock photos every single week, if possible.

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brick texture photo

Brick is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. There are so many different colors and varieties of brick. Due to the variations in style, one is able to create almost any type of background texture photo with brick. In our section of free brick texture photos, we have lots of choices for you to choose from. So check out our brick textures and find the photos that best suit your design needs!

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